OasisLIMS - Labmaster

OasisLIMS is a comprehensive software solution that helps laboratories handle complex workflow and sample data management requirements. 

Developed by Oasis for the first time in India, it reduces operational costs and enables automation of lab processes to increase productivity, efficiency and quality in analysis. 

OasisLIMS performs accurate high-speed calculations for all test methods without demanding any formula and generates the certificate of analysis automatically. 

It helps meet the regulatory requirements of FDA, GLP, cGMP and also helps in WHO and ISO 9000 Certification.


OasisLIMS optimizes laboratory resources by:

  • Reducing manual operations and human errors during sample labelling, data entry and transcription
  • Adherence to regulatory requirements and enforcing standardized procedures, providing support to your lab compliance with every major quality standard such as GxP, 21 CFR Part 11
  • Sharing of laboratory information with other departments and customers
  • Automatic collation of test results into standard reports, graphs and summaries
  • Instant identification of exceptions


Advantages with OasisLIMS

  • Saves cost and increases productivity and efficiency by over 40% More output with existing technical manpower; manpower thus available for other productive value aided work
  • Saves valuable time of senior managers
  • Automatic calculations of test methods - fast and easy reporting
  • No calculation mistakes / no chance of error in reports
  • Easy maintenance of SOPs / STPs / specifications with revisions
  • QC documentation - better organized and maintained and always up-to-date for auditing / inspections
  • Optional Add on Modules, Stability Studies, Equipment calibration, reference and working standard maintenance, control/reserve samples management, Training Records.