Online sample tracking system

Oasis serves on-line with eOasisLIMS, through an innovative software providing remote access to your samples from anywhere in the world. 

Sample disposition status (approved, rejected, under test) and Certificate of analysis are available on-line, under secured environment.

eOasisLIMS connects multiple locations of a company with each other, permitting users to share and access desired information from any location (or at head office).


eOasisLIMS features at a glance:

  • Access desired information at anytime, anywhere, under highly secured, protected environment
  • Unique identity and password assigned to esteemed users
  • Review sample disposition status (approved, rejected, under test)
  • Sample Tracking / Sample Search
  • Review Certificate of analysis online
  • Analyze rejection parameters
  • Generate trend analysis graphs for samples already registered
  • Remote Sample Registration
  • Request tests to be conducted on the sample being logged in online